The Bank CEO Network is a membership organization that assists community bank CEOs in their effort to gain information and insights that will help them better understand, adjust, and make informed decisions regarding current and potential opportunities as well as threats. 

Members of The Bank CEO Network meet twice a year to discuss pressing industry related challenges with like minded community bank CEOs from across the nation. The Bank CEO Network provides the entire membership the opportunity to engage in an open exchange of information and ideas in a noncompetitive friendly environment. It is a cost-effective, no-nonsense, communication network that enables you to share your knowledge and gain new insights from other community bankers. Our members are grouped with other CEOs from similar size banks, assuring discussions are relevant and informative.

Since 1992, The Bank CEO Network has helped hundreds of America’s community bank CEOs:

  • Recognize and understand the strategic implications of evolving external change
  • Prioritize and exploit, both proactively and strategically, specific opportunities to improve financial performance
  • Build invaluable networks with other exceptional CEOs who share their commitment to excellence
  • Access information and ideas that can be implemented.   (Members report significant positive financial results as a result of knowledge gained at Bank CEO Network meetings)
  • Develop working relationships with community bank CEOs from across the nation
  • Personal interaction with industry experts from across the country on topics dealing with current issues and opportunities
  • An annual "Profit Improvement Survey Report" that identifies opportunities for increased revenue and reduced expenses through comparison of detail financial results with peers.  One session each spring focused entirely on analysis of the results obtained through this proprietary analytical report
  • Access to a members-only website designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas between meetings, provide current information and archive information from past meetings